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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Energetic discussion brought a wide range of issues into consideration. A warm thank you to all participants!


  1. Some quick thoughts from the day:

    Vigorously embrace the mundane.

    'The day I think of myself as an artist, is the day I ossify - it is a kind of suicide'.

    Faith and religion are powerful agencies and artists need to be brave enough to address these

    'Art hurts feelings'

    Utilitarianism for art is a non issue – art is part or life...

    We have left the era of consumer boom and are now in an era of inter-culturalism

  2. For an Inter-faith Inter-cultural Index

    In January 1957 Richard Hamilton defined Pop Art as:

    Popular (designed for a mass audience)
    Transient (short-term solution)
    Expendable (easily-forgotten)
    Low cost
    Mass produced
    Young (aimed at youth)
    Big Business

    Appropriate to the post-war years, this table of characteristics remained unsurpassed as an index for orientation for the arts within consumer culture, complying with necessity within the consumer ‘boom’.

    The ‘boom’ is over.

    Below then, a new table for orientation formed by historical necessity and viable within the inter-faith inter-cultural context of the post-consumer society that we find ourselves in and embrace:

    Art as:

    Problematic (designed to provoke debates)
    Sustainable (long-term solutions)
    Note-worthy (something to remember)
    Time invested
    Aimed at mature audiences