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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A recollection sketch following on from the IFICAN seminar discussion: ideas and themes surfacing, touching on the work central to the project, then connecting with wider, or more personal perspectives - from John Hartley.

1 comment:

  1. This seminar exceeded expectation. In particular, the provocations by Chetan Bhatt from the LSE were astute and insightful; his observations touched nerves and trod on assumptions. The drawing by John illustrates the diversity of reactions from the audience, representing the interventions of humanists, atheists and religious practitioners alike. These views were respectfully delivered, but heartfelt. It was an afternoon of intelligent listening.

    I noted some quotes and comments which confronted my own presumptions or chimed with them:

    • The day I think of myself as an artist, is the day I ossify - it is a kind of suicide.

    • Utilitarianism for art is a non issue – art is part or life...

    • Vigorous embrace of the mundane.

    • Faith and religion are powerful agencies and artists need to be brave enough to address these.

    • Art hurts feelings

    • We have left the era of consumer boom and are now in an era of inter-culturalism

    • One particular act, which set off the middle-east revolutions, was an act of self-immolation, a suicide. It set off a chain of events that is shaking our own institutions. We hear of suicide bombers, but there have been a whole series of suicides in the Middle East – the contrast between the idea of ethical sacrifice on the one hand and the idea of killing oneself to kill others is so important.

    • Is creativity inherently progressive or can it be fascist?

    • Faith and religion are blanked out by the arts funding system. There should be no barriers to artists engaging with these issues. Artists should not be afraid to deal with them.